Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the Cheverly Day Parade on May 20th.  It was a grand parade with many fun, creative and community oriented entries!   We hope that everyone had as much fun as the Cheverly Day Committee had. The Cheverly Day Committee would especially like to thank the Parade Judges, Former Mayors Julia Mosley and Al Dwyer.  What an impossible job they had selecting the honorees!  For a full list of all participating groups and organizations, visit the Events page.

 Judge’s Award

Cheverly Garden Club; Washington Rowing Club; Cheverly Community Market

Most Unique

St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity; New Hope Dancers

Most Entertaining

Panamanian Marching Band

 Mayor’s Award

Gladys Noon Spellman Steppers


Every Cheverly Day the Mayor is honored to select two individuals who have gone above and beyond in the service to the Town of Cheverly. The Jack Wheat Award, named in honor of a Public Works Director, is frequently given to a town employee or a citizen who has contributed to the built infrastructure of the town.

The second award is the “Volunteer of the Year Award” and is typically given to some one (s) who has enhanced the character of the town.

 Volunteer of the Year: Cheverly Refugee Assistance Effort

This year the Town of Cheverly welcomed 16 Syrian and Afghanistan families and 28 students to our community and schools. The support for this effort was simply overwhelming. While the entire Town of Cheverly could be given this award, there are a few leaders who deserve special recognition: Diane Beedle, Chase O’Brien, Lowri DeJager, and Margaret MacDonnell.

 These individuals were instrumental in communicating, coordinating and implementing a series of activities that created a warm and welcoming environment for these families. Thanks to their efforts, the Cheverly Community rose to the challenge and provided new uniforms and winter coats, enhanced the Principal’s lunch fund to assist these students, provided Thanksgiving Baskets, provided school supplies, provided welcome kits, provided translation services and provided furniture, household goods and groceries for these families.

More than two hundred Cheverly families participated in this welcoming effort, and virtually every town organization participated in some way.

 The Cheverly Refugee Assistance Effort represents what is great about the Town of Cheverly. Special thanks to Chase, Lowri, Diane and Margaret for their effort to make this happen.

 Jack Wheat Award: Antwoine Harvey

Antwoine was hired in 2013 to take over the day to day responsibilities of the Red Light and Speed Camera program. Amtwoine performed this role magnificently, utilizing IT skills to automate every aspect of the program. Since then Antwoine has become the Police Department IT specialist, automating many time consuming activities, such as: parking citations, code enforcement, the property database, online police schedule and the department’s crime mapping program.

 Antwoine has an amazing ability to work with residents in difficult situations when they are unhappy about receiving a ticket. Anwoine is always extremely professional and courteous in his interactions with citizens.

For going above and beyond, time after time, Antwoine Harvey is awarded the Jack Wheat Award.





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